His Angel’s Up in Heaven

Why Paul Harvey needs your prayers;
E-mail from Heaven

His Angel’s Up in Heaven
Why Paul Harvey needs your prayers.

There’s an angel up in heaven
and a pall upon the earth.
In the Harvey house there’s mourning.
With each dawn new tears are birthed.
There’s an empty chair at supper,
half a bed that’s undisturbed,
full-blown grief that won’t be silenced,
random thoughts that can’t be curbed.
It’s “good day” he’s used to saying,
but Paul had to say “goodbye”
to his bride, best friend and partner
who was always by his side.
Where’s the “rest of” to this story?
Will it have a happy end?
That’s my prayer for this newscaster
who’s as old as Billy Graham.
May the faith that he professes
now sustain him as he strives
to report good news each noontime
and speak truth into our lives.

* Lynne “Angel” Harvey, the wife of legendary newscaster Paul Harvey, died on May 3, 2008 at the age of 92 following a year-long battle with leukemia. Angel and her adoring husband were married for 68 years.

E-mail from Heaven
Timeless truths in an instant message.

If Heaven offered free e-mail.
what would our loved ones want to tell?

Since they now know what matters most,
I’m guessing they would write…

To view each day as if a gift.
To run t’ward peace when there’s a rift.

To see the value when we play.
To know God hears us when we pray.

To recognize there’s always time
to bend an ear or to be kind.

To smell the fragrance of a flower.
To bask beneath a summer shower.

To feel the wonder of it all
when autumn leaves begin to fall.

To taste the sweetness of a pear.
To give to God our every care.

To serve a homeless man a meal
and then to journal what we feel.

To stroke a newborn baby’s hand
in awe of God’s mysterious plans.

To watch the ocean churn and foam.
To take a sunrise walk alone.

To stand beside a dying friend
and hold their hand until the end.

To understand that life is brief
marked both by joy but also grief.

To come to terms with Jesus Christ
acknowledging His sacrifice.

To baptize Doubt as Faith’s godchild
who will (in time) believe.