The Dark Knight with a Troubled Soul

Not even The Joker can escape Judgement Day;
A Tale of Grieving Clydesdales

The Dark Knight with a Troubled Soul
Not even The Joker can escape Judgment Day.

Heath’s ledger proved the bottom line
is more than fame or Oscar’s shine.
The Joker knows (what soon all will)
there’s more that must add up.

The dark Knight with a troubled soul
will give account for his life’s goals.
But that is true for all of us
when we face Judgment Day.

The “good life” isn’t all that bad
and yet Heath seemed so often sad.
This Brokeback wrangler played a gay
but lack a lasting joy.

The “good life” (even with good works)
won’t compound in eternal perks.
All ledgers will be audited
with just one thing in mind.

Did you accept God’s sinless Son
before your time on earth was done?
Don’t take a chance.
Spurned grace means Hell.
And then the joke’s on you.

A Tale of Grieving Clydesdales
Why selling Budweiser to the Germans is worth crying about.

The Clydesdale team is pulling slow
as it comes into view.
Their heads are bowed recalling Auggie say
“This Bud’s for you!”

A German meister holds their reigns.
He grunts “achtung!” to them.
Missouri’s become misery.
They hear him grunt again.

The “Clydes” long for what used to be.
They dream of yesterday
when Bud was proudly brewed and owned
within the USA.

The year George Bush leaves Washington
Auggie Busch succumbs
to letting Europe add our beer
to its gin, schnapps and rum.

What’s happening America?
We can’t keep selling out.
What made us great must be restored.
We must reclaim our clout.