It Must Be Summertime

Threats of fire and hurricanes signal the season;
Goodbye, Dolly

It Must Be Summertime
Threats of fire and hurricanes signal the season.

Out west the fire danger’s high
and in the dark Southeastern sky
a hurricane is gaining strength.
You’re right. It’s summertime.

Each year the horror is the same.
Those killer storms and deadly flames
cause thousands to evacuate
the dreams they leave behind.

A nightmare is what they’ve become.
They come in waves. There’s never one.
Wind and fire, rain and terror.
It’s Hell right here on earth.

It’s tragic. No, it is far worse.
From coast to coast, it’s Nature’s curse.
The blackened hills and leveled homes
reveal Mom Nature’s wrath.

And they reveal how much we care.
Does news like this result in prayer?
Are we content to say “too bad”
or plead with Father God?

Goodbye, Dolly
Serenading a killer hurricane with a familiar tune.

Goodbye, Dolly.
Hope you die, Dolly.
Can you give me one good reason
you should live?

I hope you stall, Dolly.
Hit a wall, Dolly.
There is nothing good that
hurricanes can give.

Your’ve left the trees swaying.
and the kids praying
asking God to help them
not to be afraid. So…

Hold your breath, Dolly,
before you cause more death, Dolly.
Dolly, you windbag,
time for you to fade.