A Relay Race Disgrace

Sober lessons from John Edwards’ fall;
In Praise of Mayberry Days

A Relay Race Disgrace
Sober lessons from John Edwards’ fall

The relay race where honor’s passed
from dads to kids need not be fast.
What matters most is making sure
that stick is safely grabbed.

John Edwards tripped and fell from grace.
He DQed in the relay race.
He dropped the prized baton of trust
and shattered even more.

Olympic gold will be denied
because of ego, lust and pride.
A one-night stand that lasted months
unraveled many years.

This one who ran for president
deceived his wife without a hint
that what he promised with a ring
caved to adultery.

Imagine if he’d won the nod.
His ease in lying (help him, God)
would mean he could betray our trust
and hide behind “that smile.”

But do you know what’s even worse?
It is the cheating father’s curse.
John’s children will forever rue
their daddy’s dropped baton.

So, fathers, heed John Edwards’ fall.
Resist temptation’s costly call.
Don’t risk DQing in a race
your kids need you to win.

A bonus poem on a happier note…

In Praise of Mayberry Days
Pining for what Andy Griffith took for granted

I long for days of whistling
like Opie Taylor had.
Those lazy days of riding bikes
and fishing with my dad.

I miss the old time barbershop
where barbers just like Floyd
would treat you like you were a king
and rarely get annoyed.

I still can taste those homemade pies,
the kind that Aunt Bea made.
Remember concerts in the park
while sipping lemonade?

I pine for what defined my youth
like drugstore fountain Cokes
or watching black and white TV
and Burns and Allen’s jokes.

I wish we could rewind the tape
and live that time again.
When pot was what you used for soup
and women married men.

Mayberry Days. That’s what they’re called.
Those simple peaceful days.
When life was not what it is now…
a stress-filled, fast-paced maze.