Conventions Come, Conventions Go

What we can expect in Denver;
Beware of Credit’s Magical Appeal;
Joe Biden’s Bidin’ Time

Conventions Come, Conventions Go
What we can expect in Denver.

A Rocky Mountain high awaits
Obama and his running mate
as Denver greets the Democrats
a mile in the sky.

It promises to be some week
as Bill and Hill stand up to speak
The same-sex delegates (no doubt)
will have a gay old time.

But down in Colorado Springs
James Dobson’s choir will likely sing
a song few liberals even know.
“God Knew Me in the Womb.”

Conventions come, conventions go
but come next week we’ll likely know
the odds McCain must overcome
once he lands in St. Paul.

Beware of Credit’s Magical Appeal
There is a lingering cost to instant gratification.

A little plastic rectangle
that measures 3 by 2
makes rabbits show up magically.
New cars and flat screens too.

It’s like a wand magicians wave
to bring about what’s not.
Just swipe that plastic rectangle
and “POOF.” Look what you’ve got!

There’re laptops, boats and furniture,
vacations, eating out,
designer clothes and jewelry
and all while VISA shouts…

“You, too, can be Houdini-like
with top hat, wand and cape.”
But unlike Harry-in-a-trunk,
there’s risk you won’t escape.

This magic is a costly trick.
There’s something you should know.
The 16 digits on your card
could be the bucks you owe.

Joe Biden’s Bidin’ Time
Actually, he’s writing a speech.

Joe Biden’s bidin’ his sweet time
now that Barack has called.
He’s drafting his acceptance speech
remembering his fall.

He fell from grace some years ago.
A plagiarism trip.
Joe journeyed down to no-no-land
on someone else’s ship.

He claimed another’s as his own.
He pirated their speech.
His lip-sync act slipped through the cracks.
He should have been impeached.

But doltin’ Joe from Delaware
proved he’s a slippery man.
His indiscretion didn’t stick
He’s not an also-ran.

Can he “Teflon” missteps and lies?
That is Obama’s hope.
With polls now tight, Barack hopes Joe
will draw crowds like the Pope.