This Little Piggy Played the Market

A non-kosher look at the economy;
O. J. Can You See ?

This Little Piggy Played the Market
A non-kosher look at the economy

This little piggy played the market
This little piggy bought homes.
This little piggy chose savings.
This little piggy sold bonds.
And this little piggy went
wee wee wee wee all the way
to the poor house
(only to find his four brothers
busily trading pork bellies
in a vain attempt
to save their bacon).

O. J. Can You See ?
A national anthem for “Overdue Justice”

O. J. can you see
by the dawn’s early light
that the bars in your cell
are as dark as your future?

The broad stripes you now claim
on your jump suit of shame
call to mind your dead wife
and the ways you abused her.

After thirteen long years
it’s amazingly clear
that the verdict then botched
has at last now been rendered.

O. J. does it haunt you
to see all that you have have lost?
Giving in to lust and greed
without heeding the cost.

* The above lyrics can be sung to tune of “The Star Spangled Banner”