Praying with Matt Lauer

Why I watch The Today Show religiously;
Joe the Plumber Pleads His Case

Praying with Matt Lauer
Why I watch The Today Show religiously

While waking up from yesterday
I sip some joe and greet Today.
From Matt, Ann, Meredith and Al
I learn what I should know.

I have to watch the news each dawn
to find out all that has gone on
while I’ve been comatose to life
asleep upon my bed.

In Asia, markets have declined.
In Munich, prisoners once confined
successfully escaped from jail
and now are fugitives.

In Ireland, a deadly bomb
killed five young children and their mom.
And off the coast of Haiti,
there’s a hurricane in sight.

What happens while I’m fast asleep
amounts to more than counted sheep.
The world can change in eight short hours.
That’s why I stay informed.

But with the sadness everywhere,
I watch the news and say a prayer
in which I ask God’s will be done
on earth just like in Heaven. 


Joe the Plumber Pleads His Case
Making a case for the small business guy

Joe the Plumber has a point.
“Why spread the wealth around?”
Obama’s plan to tax success
is totally unsound.

Yes, Plumber Joe and small business
deserve the chance to thrive.
They don’t deserve what liberals seek
with aims to socialize.

Free enterprise will not be served
by spreading wealth around.
What motivates us to achieve
is hardly level ground.