An Overlooked Hero Remembered

A partial observer reflects on his father’s life;
The White House is Over-rated

An Overlooked Hero Remembered
A partial observer reflects on his father’s life

The Tribune overlooked
some major news from yesterday.
There was no mention of the fact
a hero passed away.

And since he battled cancer
for much longer than do most,
his death deserves a headline
in the Times, P-I and Post.

He grew up in obscurity
in Northern Idaho.
When Uncle Sam said, “I want you!”
this nephew said, “I’ll go!”

On V-J Day he stood near Mac
aboard the Mighty Mo
and then went home to start a church
in Lapwai, Idaho.

He fell in love, got married
and was blessed with two fine sons.
He briefly worked in Oregon
and then in Washington.

To beautiful Wenatchee
this man moved his family.
As a landlord to the masses
he lived out integrity.

Tenants saw tough-love in action
when they trashed his property,
but they also saw a chaplain
to the whole community.

Those who had no church or pastor
found in him a helping hand.
He did funerals and weddings,
both informal ones and grand.

He made calls to those quite sickly.
In the hospital he prayed
for both healing and God’s presence
to envelope those afraid.

And he did this full of cancer,
braving pain and growing weak.
This proud veteran still was fighting
persevering like a Greek.

A Marine is ever faithful.
He refused to ask God why.
He accepted his assignment
trusting Jesus. Semper Fi.

With undying adoration
for the starlight of his life,
he defined enduring romance
‘tween a husband and a wife.

Yes, he was an unsung hero.
But I think that I should add
I am a partial observer.
This great hero was my dad.

* After battling prostate cancer for fourteen years, Edwin Asimakoupoulos passed away on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. He is survived by his wife Star to whom he was married for 57 years and sons Greg (wife Wendy) and Marc (wife Sandy) and five grandchildren: Kristin, Allison, Lauren, Nicole and Matthew.

The White House is Over-Rated
Why your house matters much more

Who’s moving in the White House?
God doesn’t care that much.
He’s more concerned with who is living
in your house… and such.

A house that has inhabitants
who start each day in prayer
will help protect our much-loved land
from evil acts of terror.

A godly man and woman
who bravely take a stand
impact our nation’s character
far more than just one man.

If in our homes faith’s not divorced
from public policy,
God has the means to bring about
the ends He longs to see.

So if your choice for president 
lost out on votes last night,
remember it’s your house that counts
far more than one that’s White.