The Evergreen State Blues

It’s what sports fans in Washington State are singing

The Mariners and Seahawks suck.
The Cougs and Huskies too.
Although our state is evergreen,
we fans are feeling blue.

The Sonics had no cause to boom
before they left this year.
There’s not much here in Washington
about which we can cheer.

And while it’s true there is a Storm
that saves us from real drought,
the dearth of wins from all our teams
has left us in a pout.

I’m praying Holmgren’s victory lap
won’t be a cruel joke.
If that should happen chances are
the twelfth man just might croak.

The rain and gray is bad enough.
We don’t need losing teams.
But playoff games and Rose Bowl bids
are only in our dreams.

O God, please end the hemorrhaging.
Reverse our rotten luck.
A miracle would sure be nice.
Without one, we’ll still suck.