A Requiem for U. S. Automakers

Will Congress give them a brake?;
Deadly Lessons from Jonestown

A Requiem for U. S. Automakers
Will Congress give them a brake?Ford and Chrysler (GM too)fear the future. Are they through?Can these automakers brakeand turn this thing around? Not without some bailout bucks,can they make more cars and trucks.Honest engine? So they claim,clutching at their hearts. Why is it the Japaneseroll out hybrids with such ease?Look how far Detroit has tankedsince it all began. In his grave Hank Ford is turningas he hears what Honda’s earning.All the while his factories closeand dealers call it quits. Can’t this motor trend be stalled?Why aren’t we much more appalled?Are we not Americans?We’ve been called to lead!

Deadly Lessons from Jonestown
What Jim Jones continues to teach us

Thirty years ago this week
news of Jonestown made us weep.
One who had misled the sheep
shepherded their fate.

Preacher with unbridled pride
Kool-aid laced with cyanide.
God, 900 people died
following that fool.

How could one man wield such power
forcing young and old to cower
like a dry unrooted flower
severed from its source?

Jerks like Jones can only rule
when their subjects play the fool
like a pigeon on a stool
closing up their minds.

So the moral is… Don’t fall
for what seems quite off the wall.
Be suspicious, that is all.
Doubt can lead to faith.