My Christmas List

What I really want this year

This Christmas finds me pondering
the things I’m hoping for.
Like boosting the economy
and finishing the war.

I hope that our new president
will take his cues from God
so he’s not swayed by what’s “PC”
though criticized as odd.

I want to help the homeless find
a decent place to sleep,
to feed them and to help them land
a job they’ll want to keep.

I wish for all who’ve lost someone
to cancer’s deadly curse
good memories of more pleasant days
before they became worse.

I long for shorter time between
those visits with my mom.
I pray she’ll live for many years
before I hear “She’s gone.”

I hope my kids will find a mate
who values what they’re worth.
I want all careless litterbugs
to care for Mother Earth.

I pray that people round the world
will search within their hearts
to find the Father’s fingerprints
in nature and the arts.

I long to see inventive minds
reduce the spread of AIDS.
I hope that new technologies
reverse mistakes we’ve made.

I have a dream that what God willed
in sending Christ to us
will be fulfilled as evidenced
by peace, goodwill and trust.

And on a much more lighter note
I want my team to win.
I want to lose a few more pounds.
A few more? How bout ten?

I wish for strength to push away
that second slice of pie
and courage to ask “What’s your name?”
when tempted to be shy.

As you can see, what’s on my list
are things I cannot buy.
But still, I think they’re possible
if, with God’s help, we try.