Son of a Blagojevich

One governor’s questionable pedigree;
A Shrine to “No Belief”

Son of a Blagojevich
One governor’s questionable pedigree

That son of a Blagojevich
got caught attempting to get rich
by auctioning Barack’s old seat
down on the Senate floor. 

“Hot Rod” may soon be packed in ice
in Illinois’ Big House for vice.
What really bugs him is the law
at which he thumbs his nose. 

Old “Honest Abe” turns in his grave.
The land that bears his name is scathed
by yet another Springfield don
who smacks of Al Capone. 

Good Lord, what makes such guys go bad?
With all the crooks Chicago’s had
you’d think they’d opt to stand up tall
to prove it’s possible.

A Shrine to “No Belief”
Yet another Governor raises eyebrows

Out west in liberal Washington
the atheists think they have won.
Beside a Christmas tree there stands
a shrine to “No Belief.”

A shrine that’s just a silly sign
attesting there is no design
in history or the universe
and certainly no God.

Okay, that’s their opinion
(uninformed as it is).

But why protest a Christmas tree
alongside a nativity?
Don’t Christmas trees have pagan roots?
Aren’t creches cultural?

The White House has a Douglas Fir.
It’s what we do. Don’t you concur?
An evergreen with twinkling lights
is just America.

Our PC left-wing governor
won’t stand up to (she just ignores)
those Bozos with their Humbug ploys.
How foolish can you be?

And in despair I bowed my head.
Does Chris Gregoire think God is dead?
Or is she Ebenezer Scrooge
in need of Marley’s ghost?