Treasure in Life’s Trash

Slumdog Millionaire offers truth you can bank on;
A Prince of Peace

Treasure in Life’s Trash
Slumdog Millionaire offers truth you can bank on

There’s a movie getting rave reviews.
An indy film (quite rare)
about a kid who won big bucks.
It’s Slumdog Millionaire.

It paints an abstract picture of
a truth that’s most concrete.
The canvas of this arty flick
boasts something really neat.

Slumdog points out the rich reward
in what seems waste at best.
Misfortune’s dung and what life deals
give answers to life’s tests.

No heartache’s wasted by our God.
He uses all we face.
Rejections, breakups, loss and pain
are gifts we can embrace.

For in each hurt we’re offered hints
that help us move ahead.
Defeat’s a lifeline in disguise.
Dead ends aren’t really dead.

A treasure hides deep down inside
those things that cause despair.
I searched and found redemptive truth
in Slumdog Millionaire.

A Prince of Peace
Reflections on Martin Luther King’s 80th birthday
In the year the market fell,

A king had a son
who’d be known as 
a prince of peace
in a world of hate.

He was named after 
a pastor in Germany
who has branded an enemy
over the stand he took
understood by a few.

His name was a clue
that his life
(also lived as a pastor)
would be played in a minor key.

Still, Martin Luther King
taught us how to sing
the lyrics of love.

In 1968
hate stilled his voice
but, not his song.

It is still heard
in schools and churches
and city squares and everywhere
the color of a person’s blood
matters more than
the color of their skin.

Peace be to his memory
and to the world he Nobel-y served.