Color It Historic

The spectrum of hope through a prism of change;
Two Black Men, One Holy Purpose

Color It Historic
The spectrum of hope through a prism of change

A black man in a white house
means a bright red letter day.
Blue skies abound for all who live
within the USA.

We’re in the pink as we recall
the blessings God has given.
How we survived that dark gray day
we nicknamed 9-11.

The world is green with envy as
it contemplates our fame.
Our purple mountains’ majesty
and amber waves of grain.

If only Martin King were here
to see this rainbow day.
A crown of gold could not compare
with that for which he prayed.

Yes, we’ve good cause to celebrate
and do this thing up brown.
What was George W’s D.C.
is now Obama’s town. 

Two Black Men, One Holy Purpose
An inauguration poem and prayer

On Lincoln’s steps a black man stood
and voiced a God-size dream.
With prophet-eyes he saw a day
that no one else had seen.

A day of true equality
where color doesn’t count.
Where every person has a chance.
Where trust replaces doubt.

But tragically this one who dreamed
would not see it fulfilled.
Incarnate hate took aim at hope
and Martin’s voice was stilled.

On Lincoln’s steps a black man stands
declaring hope’s alive.
The change of which another dreamed
has come and will survive.

He looks intently down the Mall
aware his time has come
to live the dream and lead the way
uniting us as one.

God, bless America
as You bless the new president
America inaugurates today.

As he pledges allegiance to Old Glory,
be glorified through his admission
that we are indeed one nation under You.

As he listens to Your servant Rick Warren
pray over the proceedings of this day,
help him hear Your heart
beating with concern
for righteousness, justice and compassion.

As he lays his hand upon Your Word
and takes an oath of faithfulness,
lay Your hand upon his life
and remind Him of Your promises to be faithful
to all who dare to honor You.

As he stands to address those
who look to him as Commander-in-Chief,
stand beside him and remind him
that he has been seated
in this place of honor and responsibility
by You alone.

As You bless Barack Hussein Obama
with a tangible sense of Your presence,
God, bless America.  Amen.