It’s a Warner-ful Life

A comeback story of Super Bowl proportions;
Lunacy in the Land of Lincoln

It’s a Warner-ful Life
A comeback story of Super Bowl proportions

Like George Bailey of Bedford Falls
who knew the sting of dreams that stalled,
Kurt Warner couldn’t understand
why hopes were put on hold.

A gifted college quarterback,
he had “the stuff” and was on track
to make the pros and make a name.
But Kurt was sadly cut.

First by The Pack and then Da Bears.
Rejection? Yes, more than his share.
But, Kurt refused to just give up.
In hardship, faith was born.

And while it’s true he found the Lord,
he also found three to adore.
A single mom with two small kids
who’d been to Hell and back.

When Brenda nabbed her shining knight,
Kurt turned her topsy world upright.
Brain injury, heartache and death
gave way to hope and life.

And Brenda helped her knight hold on
to dreams he thought were dead and gone.
What Mary Bailey gave to George,
Kurt got from his best fan.

And just like in that Capra script
where George at last made sense of it,
Kurt Warner’s dreams in time came true
within the NFL.

So as the Cards clash with the Steel,
who wins is not that big of deal.
What matters even more to me
is that Kurt’s there to play.

Lunacy in the Land of Lincoln
Hot Rod left the race track of reason

Honest Abe can’t rest in peace.
He’s turning in his grave
and all because Blagojevich
is one deceptive knave.

The governor’s a maniac.
Rich Daley thinks he’s nuts.
He hears “impeach” and thinks it’s fruit.
And now this Serb’s in Dutch.

Hot Rod with his cold steely eyes
is demolition bound.
He’s won the derby of deceit.
His trophy? Cuffed and bound.

He lost his job and faces trial
in weeks and months to come.
He’s bound to be convicted
in the first degree as dumb.

The Land of Lincoln has been raped
by Blago-types too long.
It’s high time these low-lifers pay
for all they’ve done that’s wrong.