A Violation of Roberts’ Rules of Order

Pondering the Chief Justice’s uncharacteristic gaff;
The Plane Truth About Being Prepared

A Violation of Roberts’ Rules of Order
Pondering the Chief Justice’s uncharacteristic gaff

His hand on Lincoln’s Bible
and a smile on his face
that became a look of terror
as Barack (to his disgrace)

flubbed the oath of his new office.
Oh, how awkward. How insane!
Why did black-robed judge John Roberts
try it note-less? How inane!

That embarrassing long silence
that supreme and pregnant pause
was the fault of our chief justice
who interprets all our laws.

As a rule our high court’s leader
is prepared and in control.
He has rules by which he lives by.
Prepped and ready. That’s his goal.

Roberts’ rules dictate strict order.
He’s a stickler for exact.
So then why this Big Day blunder?
Did the huge crowd make him crack?

Swearing solemnly’s expected
of the one who takes an oath.
Still I’m guessing he who gave it
also swore (but like an oaf).

How he wished for a do-over.
One more chance to get it right.
And most graciously Obama
let him do that Wednesday night.

The Plane Truth About Being Prepared
A lesson we can all retrieve from that Hudson River miracle

What happened in the Hudson River
was enough to make us shiver.
A plane went down, but all survived.
It was a miracle!

And while it really sounds absurd,
the engines ate a flock of birds.
That rendered both the jet and geese
incapable to fly.

The pilot had no time to think
before he ditched into the drink.
When danger struck he simply did
what he’d been taught to do.

Averting a sure tragedy
was hardly luck, it seems to me.
God used a skilled and well-trained man
to rob the jaws of death.

So too, with us, when we’re surprised
by crises right before our eyes.
Since there’s no time to make a plan,
we’d better plan ahead.