Global Warnings

The frigid economic forecast;
You Can Go Home Again…After All!

Global Warnings
The frigid economic forecast

This new economic climate
is evoking drastic change.
The forecast is quite scary,
unpredictable and strange.

Storm clouds churn on the horizon.
There is darkness overhead.
It’s too late to run for cover.
We’d best brace for months of dread.

It’s a cataclysmic crisis
sure to flood the world with woe.
Loss of jobs and lines of credit.
Tons default on their dream home.

We’ve been steamed by global warming.
But, it’s time we cooled our jets.
Let’s take heed to global warnings
bout this economic mess.

You Can Go Home Again… After All!
Ken Griffey Jr. returns to the Seattle Mariners

Two weeks ago free-agent Ken
gave hints he might play ball again
where he first had a taste of fame.
But then he wasn’t sure.He made us sweat and squirm and caveto fears that he’d become a Brave.But drama is the atmospherethat Junior loves to breathe. Just like it was in ’95,a dream we all thought dead’s alive.The Kid (grown up) is headed backto be a Mariner. So could it be? Dare we believe?Is this the year that we who’ve grievedwill have just cause to celebrate?It could be. My oh my!