Goodbye, American!

A farewell to our nation’s beloved radio newsman

Mr. Harvey,
while standing by
for the news today,
we heard sad news
that has cast a pall
over our nation.
Newscasters are reporting
that you are dead.
It’s not a good day.

All the same,
Americans’ sadness
is sweet sorrow.
It is good grief.
Our lives are wealthier
because you invested your life
in us.

Like the famous apostle
whose name you bore,
your message has impacted millions.
And as was true of Saint Paul,
your words will continue to live on.

Whether spoken or written,
your daily epistles
were missals of truth and life
sprinkled with grace and peace.
You reported on
what others failed to see
(or refused to).

You would not simply
give the headlines
related to our sin-tinged world.
To you, the top of the front page
was rarely the bottom line of truth.
There was always
“the rest of the story.”

And now, Mr. Harvey,
page five.
At long last,
you are experiencing
the rest of your story.
The ultimate rest stop
on the adventure of a lifetime.
Eternal rest.

And while we struggle
with feelings of loss this day,
you’ve gained what no one
can ever take from you.
Life after death
with the very One
who conquered death
through his post-crucifixion
That’s the Gospel truth.
That’s Good News.

In light of that,
we do not simply bid you
goodbye, Mr. Harvey.
Many of us will see you again.
And to that end,
employing two little words
that marked your work
for seven long decades,
we simply say
“Good Day!”

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