Barbie at 50

The midlife crisis surrounding America’s most famous doll;
God Remains

Barbie at 50
The midlife crisis surrounding America’s most famous doll

Twas fifty years ago this week
a full-grown doll was born quite sleek.
She was the shape of things to come.
Yes, Barbie rocked our world.

With features most men idolize,
this doll helped young girls fantasize
about the day they’d come of age
and wear what Barbie wore.

This plastic toy devoid of fat
(whose chest was never ever flat)
became the standard for young girls
of what was beautiful.

They hoped and prayed they’d measure up
to what filled Barbie’s size D cup.
And though they giggled while they played,
their self-worth was destroyed.

And as they reached their teenage years,
they faced the mirror with countless tears.
Compared to Barbie, they weren’t much.
At least that’s how it seemed.

And all because a little doll
(that’s just about twelve inches tall)
has challenged what God says is true…
“We all are beautiful!”

It’s time that we expose the lie.
She isn’t real. She’ll never die.
At fifty, Barbie should at least
have wrinkles and some gray.

* This week’s poem is dedicated to Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, who resigned as leader of the ministry last month. For years Dr. Dobson cautioned young parents about the self-image issues young girls face when they play with Barbie dolls.

God Remains
An anthem for a fearful nation

God remains our source of courage
when we’re traumatized by fear.
When we’re haunted by the headlines
and the stock reports we hear.
Yet God whispers in the silence,
“Don’t despair, I’m in control.
Hurting hearts and broken cities
will at last one day be whole.”

God remains our source of comfort
in this bleak economy.
When predictions voiced from Wall Street
pry away our inner peace.
Still God whispers in the silence,
“When banks fail and markets fall,
I won’t leave you or forsake you.
I’ll sustain you through it all.”

God invites us to be trusting
when we find that faith is hard.
When we’re  fearful for the future
and our nerves are frayed or jarred.
Hear God whisper in the silence,
“Even when your faith is weak,
I will keep your feet from stumbling
though your way is dark and bleak.”