Winter’s Gone, But Spring Is Coming

Why’s answers to a senseless tragedy in Maryville;
Babies in the Wings (Clipped)

Winter’s Gone, But Spring is Coming
Why’s answers to a senseless tragedy in Maryville

Mary’s Son
weeps with the grief-struck
who in Maryville
ask why
should a much-loved pastor perish.
Why did
Pastor Winters die?

Why a gunman?
Why on Sunday?
Why would God allow
this crime?
For what purpose
was Fred taken?
What’s the reason
for this rhyme?

Even as we wait
for answers,
(even as we
question God),
we are forced to
look down deeper
than six feet
beneath the sod.

Winter’s gone
but Spring is coming.
Easter’s tulips
trumpet hope.
While the bagpipes
drone in sorrow,
God’s Word gives us
cause to cope.

Death’s defeated.
Christ is risen!
The grave has lost
its painful sting.
Bulbs once buried,
soon will flower.
In our sorrow
we can sing….

“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.”

Babies in the Wings (Clipped)
Grieving a pro-life setback

What stemmed the tide has been reversed.
Those embryos-on-ice are cursed.
Our president has sealed the doom
of babies in the wings.

This is a moral slippery slope.
A slipknot in the cosmic rope.
Just like a snowball’s plight in Hell,
those frozen zygotes die.

Because their wings will soon be clipped,
they’ll never fly. God’s sacred gift
has been reduced to Lincoln logs
with which researchers play.

The sanctity of DNA
may seem to some a sort of gray.
But when it comes to human life,
the truth IS black and white.

I grieve for babies in the wings
who’ll never have the chance to sing…
“Little ones to Him belong.
The Bible tells me so.”