The Bronx Cheers

But the jury is still out on this judge;
And It Didn’t Come to Pass

The Bronx Cheers
But the jury is still out on this judge

So, who is this The Bronx cheers for?
It’s Son-i-a So-to-may-or!
She is Hispanic, female, smart.
As PC as can be.

So will this woman be confirmed?
It seems most likely, but I’ve learned
that unhatched chickens sometimes die
in Washington, D.C.

Those leaderless Republicans
may hold out just to prove they can.
And if they do, Soto-may-or
won’t be a V.I.P.

But, if Obama gets his way,
he’ll find an Asian and a gay
so that our highest court
can one day sing Y. M. C. A.

Should this be our supreme concern?
That no niche groups feel dissed or burned?
I rather think the benchmark is…
Is this one qualifed?

And It Didn’t Come to Pass
Attempting to digest North Korea’s nuclear tests

Like diarrhea, North Korea’s
claims are more than gas.
We are misled to buy the lie
their tests have come to pass.

Like diarrhea, North Korea
could strike without alarm.
And worse than simply stomach flu,
that would spell global harm.

Like diarrhea, North Korea
must be kept in check.
To just pretend that all is well
could blow us all to heck.

So what’s our option to deter
the likes of Kim Jong Il?
Perhaps a missile whose warhead’s
a Kaopectate pill.