Sobering thoughts about Air France Flight #447;
A Father’s Relentless Pursuit

Thoughts about Air France Flight #447

That Air France pilot danced with wind
between Brazil and Paris when
his plane went down and all were lost
much like that TV show.

But unlike LOST, no one survived.
Debris was found, but none alive.
Beneath the depths of that dark sea,
death claimed the lot of them.

No doubt those victims screamed in fear
as that jet violently veered
from left to right, then up and down,
before it fin’lly plunged.

And now the fam’lies that remain
are lost in grief without much aim
and without answers as to why
their lives won’t be the same.

A Father’s Relentless Pursuit
Why David Goldman won’t quit fighting for his son

Life for David Goldman sucks
for no amount of hard-earned bucks
can free his one-and-only son
from those who kidnapped him.

It is a hell that steals his peace
while waiting for young Sean’s release.
No words exist that can describe
the agony he feels.

But like the shepherd David was
(who left the ninety-nine because
one missing lamb is worth the risk),
this David will not quit.

A father’s love (like Heaven’s hound)
won’t give up till the lost is found.
It’s biblical. It’s what God did.
His love can’t let us go.