David Letterman’s Jacket

Will it help him weather the late night chill?

A letterman’s jacket?
Of course. You know Dave.
It hangs in a closet
that’s labeled depraved.

But, in what did he letter?
What sport did he play?
I’m guessing mixed-wrestling
at the end of the day.

This crass Late-Show comic
whose lines make you laugh
is as rogue as a rabbit.
He sleeps with his staff.

And while that’s immoral,
the law says “no crime.”
The one caught blackmailing’s
the one who’ll do time.

Where is Mother Justice?
Why won’t she weigh in?
It seems each is guilty.
Aren’t both acts a sin.

Extortion is heinous.
The guilty must pay.
But so should wife-cheaters
who roll in the hay.