This is It! (Let’s Hope)

When will our fascination with the King of Pop stop?

Michael Jackson (dead) still speaks.
New lyrics were released this week.
In Christ’s own words he dares to claim
“I’m the light of the world.”

It’s blasphemy. He was no light.
This black who tried to become white
was but a shooting star at best
who fell at last to earth.

This is it! Good God, let’s stop
this worship of the King of Pop.
This endless praise of Michael J
reveals our culture’s depth.

Such shallowness is nothing new.
A glance at history gives a clue
how truth is often traded for
the mush the masses want.

“Here I stand!” Mart Luther said
attempting to retain his head.
But he was ruled a heretic
defending faith not works.
“A Mighty Fortress is Our God”
was criticized as lame and odd.
Poor Luther died not knowing
he would one day be affirmed.

The populace in every age
applauds whoever’s on the stage
and in the process fails to see
the truth that’s in the wings.

So there he lies without his crown.
The King of Pop is six feet down
while Christ the King is feeling grand
no longer in a grave.

* This past week lyrics were released to a song entitled THIS IS IT! written by Michael Jackson and Paul Anka back in 1980. The song was released to help promote the movie on Jackson by the same title that will soon be released. The above poem was written based on the lyrics to the song.

This is it, here I stand.
I’m the light of the world, I feel grand.
Got this love I can feel.
And I know yes for sure it is real.