Domestic Partner-Ships

Should their moorage be equal to marriage?
Endangered Species

Domestic Partner-Ships
Should their moorage be equal to marriage?

Domestic partner-ships (unanchored)
seek a harbor safe and sound.
Though they sail through life as married,
they’re at risk to run aground.
Should these love boats be permitted
to find moorage at the pier
where the tugs and yachts now tie-up
or would such a slip seem queer?

That’s the question that’s before us:
Should gay couples have the rights
that are granted men and women
who vow love for all their life?
Is this what our culture’s come to?
Is perversion now the norm?
Should the crafts of man’s invention
find safe harbor from sin’s storm?

Have we reached a point in history
where God’s Word is rendered wrong?
Where the rhythm of a rapper
has replaced an opera song?
Have the laws of Mother Nature
been in essence redefined?
Has “I want my Father’s choices”
given way to “I want mine?”

Will we cave to social pressure
or stand up for what is right?
In the nature-nurture battle,
will we have the faith to fight?
Jesus was a friend of sinners
while objecting to their ways.
Can we not go and do likewise
with both lesbians and gays?

Endangered Species
Why those who take the Bible seriously may be disappearing

I’m not a right-wing nut-case flake.
My views are not extreme.
They’re simply what God’s Word declares.
So why am I called mean

when stating same-sex partnerships
are less than God intends?
They say I am intolerant
to think in terms of sins.

“Sin’s obsolete,” they smugly boast.
“What’s right is relative.
The ideal truth is tolerance.
Don’t judge. Just do it! Live!”

What once was thought by most as wrong
is now the norm, you see.
Abortion, recreation drugs,
safe sex, adultery.

Yes, gambling’s now a fact of life
and sex-filled movie plots.
Cohabitation is just fine,
but naming God is not.

“You’re close-minded and dangerous
to criticize these acts.”
So claim my neighbors to the left
who say I lack the facts.

Am I old-fashioned and old-school?
Perhaps, but dangerous?
Endangered species’s more like it.
Each day there’re less of us.