The Truth About a Lying Dad

The Balloon Boy hoax was a lot of hot air;
Obama, Osama

The Truth About a Lying Dad
The Balloon Boy hoax was a lot of hot air

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
It’s a hot-air balloon
and a tall tale as true
as the man in the moon.

Reported as missing,
Balloon Boy was fine.
His dad’s allegations
were simply a line.

A media frenzy.
A father who lied
successfully took
all of us for a ride.

This ego-fed fat head
who hungered for fame
must now chew on his choices
and swallow his shame.

Obama, Osama
Reminding the President of a promise
 Obama, “Osama (bin Laden),” says Biden,
“is likely to test your defense.”
Al Qaida’s is ready
to strike where we’re weak.
You know who we’re fighting against.

Obama, Osama (still wanted) is waiting
to see if you’re up to the task
to hunt him with vengeance
in mountains and caves
to finally find him at last.

Obama, Osama (quite cocky) is cunning
and will not be out-ed with ease.
Yet you’ve been elected
to show him who’s boss.
Your job is to buckle his knees.