Let 2010 Begin!

Contemplating a new year and a new decade:
The Real Levi Johnston Revealed

Let 2010 Begin!
Contemplating a new year and a new decade
The end of a decade,
(the start of one more)
gives pause to consider
what life has in store.
A stock market rally?
Our troops coming home?
Will death rob our parents
and leave one alone?
The house market rebounds?
Will GM and Ford?
Will a struggling marriage
be doomed or restored?
Will healthcare unite us
or tax us to death?
Will science discover
a cure to bad breath?
Will sex scandals topple
the ones we admire?
Will faith make a comeback?
Will mentors inspire?
A new year? New decade?
The chance for fresh starts?
Let’s dance with new choices
with hope in our hearts.
But if peace alludes
both Iran and Iraq,
this might be the decade
that Christ will come back. 

The Real Levi Johnston Revealed
Exposing the naked truth about porn

When Levi dropped his Levis
and then struck a Playgirl pose,
he revealed his base identity.
A scum bag without clothes.

This teenage dad who cashed-in on
his girlfriend’s mother’s fame
may have the guts to bare it all
but lacks a sense of shame.

Exposing his true character
he found celebrity,
but soon he’ll learn the naked truth
about pornography.

That brawn and beauty are skin deep,
that porn will steal your soul.
It robs you of a normal life
exacting quite a toll.

The facts of life and decency
bear witness to what’s right.
God meant for sex to breed real joy
not fantasies at night.

* Levi Johnston is the teenage father of Sarah Palin’s grandson. The ex-fiance of the former Alaska Governor’s daughter has recently posed for Playgirl magazine and made continuous attempts to discredit the Palin family.