Sofa Spud No Longer

How The Biggest Loser changed my life;
I Am But One, But I Am One

Sofa Spud No Longer
How The Biggest Loser changed my life

The Biggest Loser’s more than just
a TV show phenom.
It motivates me to get fit
whenever it is on.

It’s virtual community.
I feel for these so large.
They win my heart as they lose pounds
obeying those in charge.

The trainers, Bob and  Jillian,
insist, rebuke, demand.
A loser’s wish is not enough.
That wish is their command.

And as they heed their trainers’ bark,
the scales reveal good news.
By sweating more and eating less
contestants really lose.

It’s true, I need to drop fifteen
avoiding fast-food crud.
And “Loser” spurs me on to shed
my nickname… “sofa spud.”

Don’t think this show is just my shtick.
You, too, can benefit.
This fat-free love-fest Tuesday nights
will help you to get fit.

One-third of all Americans
are clinically obese.
So tell your too-fat friends to watch
before they are deceased. I Am But One, But I Am One
Never underestimate the difference you can make

I hear the Savior calling me to rescue the oppressed.
I choose to answer willingly for I’ve been richly blessed.
I am but one but I am one whose candle mocks the dark.
I am available to Him who owns my willing heart.

I cannot disregard abuse in brothels, fields or slums.
I will not rest until I work that justice might be done.
I am but one but I am one who feels the children’s pain.
I am available to Him who calls each one by name.

I’ll be a voice for those enslaved by power, lust and greed.
I’ll advocate for those in chains until they have been freed.
I am but one but I am one who will not be denied.
I am available to Him who with the victim sides.

* January 11, 2010 has been designated as Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

** The above poem can be sung to the Norwegian folk tune ordinarily associated with the hymn “My Soul Has Found a Resting Place.”