Sleeping Where Rodents Breed

A prayer for the victims in Haiti;
Faith Quakes

Sleeping Where Rodents Breed
A prayer for the victims in Haiti

In Haiti millions are displaced
by that demonic quake.
Demolished and demoralized,
they hunger, thirst and ache.

We ache with these who fear the worst,
who’ve searched in vain for hope,
who question if God does exist
with little faith to cope.

This island nation beckons us
to reach down deep inside
and find the money, time and aid
to carry these deprived.

In short, dear Lord, we long to be
Your arms to those in need,
to paupers there in Port au Prince
who sleep where rodents breed.

Faith Quakes
Surviving 7.0 doubt

The death toll mounts
The body count
exceeds our greatest fear.
This dreaded quake
and anguished wakes
prompt questions. Is God here?

This tragedy
it seems to me
(much like we’ve seen before)
is hardly fair.
How could God care?
The victims are so poor!

In Port au Prince
we have a glimpse
of how a nation grieves.
Their plight of pain
means God is blamed.
Doubt mocks faith
to believe.

But nonetheless,
I will confess
I cannot understand
these “acts of God”
that seem so odd
(allowed or by command).

As body count
increases doubt
in One who claims control,
I choose to trust
(because I must)
the Shepherd of my soul.