The Days Are Getting Shorter

How much longer to the end?;
Will a Prius Win at Indy?

The Days Are Getting Shorter
How much longer to the end?

The days are getting shorter.*
It’s amazing. Quite absurd.
And all because of Chile
and the earthquake they endured..

That 8.8 explosion
deep within our planet’s crust
was so strong its axis shifted.
And you wonder why the fuss.

Less daylight in just an instant.
Kind of scary, don’t you think?
Could these natural disasters
mean that we are on the brink…?

The frequency with which we hear
of earthquakes, floods and war
gives us pause to humbly ponder…
“In God’s game plan, what’s the score?”

Will a Prius Win at Indy?
Toyota’s problems are really accelerating

Will a Prius win at Indy?
They accelerate so fast.
Those hybrids are a safety risk 
(although they’re great on gas).

“Give us a break!” Toyota pleads,
“We really aren’t so bad.
Our cars (in time) will finally stop.
There’s no use getting mad.”

You kidding me? That car’s unsafe.
You certainly recall
the countless vehicles at risk.
Too many hit the wall!

So, Mr. T, you’d best think fast
(just like your unbraked cars).
If you don’t steer your company,
you’ll end up behind bars.