Deal or No Deal?

Questions dealing with Hollywood’s drug pandemic;
Obama, Duh!

Deal or No Deal?Questions dealing with Hollywood’s drug pandemic  Another child actor deadand all because of drugs.What happens there in Hollywood?Are kids turned on by thugs? Does all that fame and instant wealthcreate a thirst for more?Once scenes are shot and in the can,who helps young actors score? Who gives them pot and cocaine and speedin hopes they soon will buy?The very ones who feel no griefwhen these young actors die? Who deals and sells to those at risk?A doctor? Parent? Friend?Do they not know they’re liablefor causing lives to end? Who cares enough to find a cureto this pandemic curse?Will we just blindly close our eyesand let it become worse? Or will we close our eyes in prayerfor Mastermediaand other faith-based outreacheswho woo actors to God? * Mastermedia International is an interdenominational ministry to actors, directors and producers in Hollywood. Check out their website at, Duh!
New lyrics to the same old tune about healthcare reform

Obama, duh,your healthcare plan is broke
and should it pass,we’ll also be (no joke).
 In Washington your biggest guns
take aim to force your will.
But is it fair to deem and dare
opponents on the Hill?
 Why should we be like Canada?
Waiting for months and years for surgeries
while paying more in taxes endlessly.

* The above poem can be sung to the tune for “O Canada”