The Sounds of Spring

They are about to be heard in your favorite baseball park

It won’t be long till Op’ning Day
when “boys of summer” start to play
the game by which our nation’s known
and with it sounds of spring.

Bees buzzing in a buttercup
sound beautiful, but “Batter up!”
from men in black adorned with pads
gives me a longed-for buzz.

Although I like spring’s chirping birds,
the cheers from box seats are preferred
(as are those organ melodies).
It’s music to my ears.

I love the sound of ball meets bat.
That quintessential springtime crack.
A sound I’ve missed all winter long
will soon be heard at home.

Much like the earth that is reborn
(or what took place on Easter morn),
these “sounds of spring” remind me that
joy’s found in brand-new starts.

* Curiously, Opening Day this year is on Easter Sunday. I don’t recall that happening before.