A Nonstop Parade of Pain

Iceland’s smoking mountain is just the latest disaster;
An Earth Day Prayer

A Nonstop Parade of Pain
Iceland’s smoking mountain is just the latest disaster

There’s a mountain up in Iceland
that has canceled many flights.
It’s an angry heap of magma blowing ash.
Quite ironically the jet stream
wings it way from west to east
while the stream of jets still grounded
loses cash.

There’ve been earthquakes and tsunamis
and now belching molten peaks
and the damage they have caused can break your heart.
We are powerless to stop them
as they mock our calm routines
wreaking havoc once their Hell-bent
antics start.

All these natural disasters
are like floats in a parade.
They keep coming without breaks, without relief.
It’s a serpentine of sorrow
for the crowd that feels the pain
that can only stand and witness
endless grief.

Goodness, gracious! When bad happens
we’re reminded we are weak.
Though we’re rich and educated, it’s for naught.
When disaster strikes we’re children
feeling quite alone and scared.
and we’re forced to wonder how much faith
we’ve got.

An Earth Day Prayer
A musical reminder that we are earth’s stewards

Earth Day invites us to sing our praises
for plains and prairies where cattle grazes,
for fruits and veggies God made for our delight.
We are most grateful for our food.

The earth God gave us is ours to treasure.
It is His footstool, a source of pleasure.
We’ve been entrusted to cherish what He loves.
Earth Day reminds us all to care.

Our precious planet is ours to nurture.
Our present choices impact its future.
Like Michael Medved, we all should pick up trash
doing our part on God’s green earth.

* The above dinner prayer can be sung to the tune for “This Land is Your Land”

** Check out what my friend and neighbor Michael Medved has to say about “doing our part” to keep our earth clean.  http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=15531