Mi Casa, Su Casa

God meets us where we live;
We Bow Before, Thee, God of Our Great Nation;
Let Freedom Ring!

Mi Casa, Su Casa
God meets us where we live

Come Thursday next we’ll pause to pray
in houses beige or brick or gray.
We need not travel to DC
to call upon the Lord.

That limestone temple with its dome
cannot compare to common homes
where by the early light of dawn
we voice “in God we trust.”

The White House doesn’t matter most.
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
are more at home in family rooms
where families kneel to pray.

The monuments of Washington
impress the tourists, but not one
can call to mind true freedom’s price
like Grandma’s folded hands.

I see her in her favorite chair.
The TV’s off. She’s deep in prayer.
The nursing home where she resides
is where Gram moves God’s hands.

We Bow Before Thee, God, of Our Great Nation
Hymn lyrics for The National Day of Prayer
We bow before Thee, God of our great nation
with gratitude for freedoms we have known.
America is blessed beyond deserving
yet now we’re harvesting the sin we’ve sown.
And on this day of national confession,
we humbly seek Thy face and Thine alone.

We bow before Thee, God of every nation
acknowledging our narrow-minded pride.
We tend to be more patriot than Christian
when we forget the world for which Christ died.
As we ask Thee to bless our much-loved country,
please give us ears to hear, “I take no sides.”

We bow before Thee, God of all creation
guilty as charged for careless things we’ve done.
We’ve failed as stewards of our fragile planet
allowing spills and smog that hides the sun.
Forgive us for environment abuses
we have condoned for sordid gain or fun.

We bow before Thee, God of our great nation
as we unite to call upon Thy name.
Hear us we pray in spite of how we’ve faltered.
Remove our sin and wash away our shame.
Restore to us the joy of our salvation.
Redeem the years we’ve freely spent in vain.

* the above can be sung to the hymn tune “FINLANDIA”

Let Freedom Ring!
Once we’ve cleaned the clapper of our culture

Much like the crack in freedom’s bell
our nation’s flawed. We know that well.
For what once rang with clarity
gongs muffled, out-of-tune.

The gleam is gone. What shone now rusts
as lewd behavior (fueled by lust)
corrodes our culture in the name of
“look how far we’ve come.”

The facts contend we’ve fallen far.
We’re hardly who we say we are.
Our hearts reveal the shameful truth.
We’ve turned out backs on God.

Convict us, Lord. Prompt us to change
and not defend what You deem strange.
Please purge us of what breaks Your heart.
God, bless America.