Taking Your Cues from Betty

Let a Golden Girl named White color your picture of retirement;
A Lone Survivor

Taking Your Cues from Betty
Let a Golden Girl named White color your picture of retirement

Did you watch Betty White last week?
She hosted SNL.
At eighty-eight this Golden Girl
is still alive and well.

Despite her name, she’s colorful
(off-color too, it seems).
Despite her age, she’s full of life
with countless hopes and dreams.

Retirees should take their cues
from this amazing dame.
Why settle for a life of ease?
Make active goals your aim.

Audition for a musical.
Begin a widows’ group.
Become a homeless activist.
Spend Sundays serving soup.

Connect with grand kids on Facebook
or volunteer at school.
Start texting on your wireless.
The kids will think you’re cool.

Plan outings for your seniors group.
Try writing your memoirs.
On e-Bay buy a telescope
and gaze each night at stars.

Make exercise a daily must.
Workout. Go take a hike!
Try walking at a nearby mall
or pedaling your bike.

The autumn years are colorful.
God meant for them to be.
Don’t veg out like a “sofa spud.”
Stay active. That’s the key!

A Lone Survivor
So what about the kid who survived the plane crash?

100 perished. 1 survived.
A 9 year-old was found alive
amid the wreckage of a plane
that crashed in Tripoli.

This boy named Ruben lived to tell
about a flight that was from Hell.
Imagine being orphaned without warning
just like that.

A dream vacation in a flash
gave way to a nightmare-ish crash.
His brother and his mom and dad
left Ruben all alone.

So given that his family’s dead,
why did God let him live
instead of letting him find rest
to sleep in heav’nly peace?

What God allows, we question so.
Yet through it all, our faith will grow
if we can learn to doubt our doubts
believing there’s a plan.