A Jumbo Shrimp Alert

Beware of greasy seafood in the Gulf

Crustaceans down in New Orleans
just haven’t got a clue
why seafood lovers are inclined
to order something new.

The Gulf shrimp and the Cajun prawns
are greasier this year.
And if you check the marinade,
the reason is quite clear.

The tar-like sludge beneath the waves
coats critters out at sea.
The scallops, squid and octopuses
float by helplessly.

Emeril tries to hide the oily taste
by adding “bam,”
but what he ends up serving
is more like green eggs and ham.

The Alpha problem we all know
is oil-rich BP
while our poor friends in the Deep South
lack their Omega 3.

Let’s pray that sunken derrick
can be capped and finally plugged
or those diners will keep serving eels
that taste like greasy slugs.