Don’t Forget to Remember Memorial Day

Avoiding cemeteries is a grave mistake;
A Linkletter Bound for Heaven

Don’t Forget to Remember Memorial DayAvoiding cemeteries is a grave mistake

If we fail to remember the price veterans paid,
Memorial Weekend will not include graves.
We’ll barbecue, picnic, go hiking and sleep
with eyes closed to those in a box six feet deep.

If we fail to remember we’re prone to forget
the men and the women who paid freedom’s debt,
those fathers and mothers who answered the call
not knowing their job would mean giving their all.

If we fail to remember the blood that was shed
and pay our respects to those heroes now dead
it’s likely we’ll lose sight of what we must do
to maintain our rights and our privileges, too.

If we fail to remember we’re bound to succeed
in forgetting the task that belongs to those freed.
To honor the memories of those who have died
embracing their values with patriot pride.

A Linkletter Bound for Heaven
Grace means there is no postage due

His house party is over
now that Art’s no longer home.
He left it bound for Heaven,
but he didn’t go alone.

A postman took this Letter
linked with love and stamped by grace
and delivered it to Jesus
who signed for it post-haste.

This one who made a living
from the darnedest things kids say
would die quite rich (but far too poor
to take his sins away).

What’s true of Art is true of all.
We can’t pay what we owe.
Our bill is paid through childlike faith.
The Bible tells me so!

Art Linkletter died at the age of 97 on May 26, 2010. His personal faith in Christ is chronicled in the following link.