Heat Wave Woes

Lamenting the fire-breathing beast back east;
Let’s Give Our Thumbs a Hand

Heat Wave Woes
Lamenting the fire-breathing beast back east

A heat wave? Duh! The prince of tides
is not the ocean deep and wide.
This royal pain is just hot air
that takes your breath away.

My relatives who live back east
are dealing with this dreaded beast
that (like a dragon) stalks the streets
exhaling scorching flames.

The temp’s as high as it can go!
No wonder they are feeling low.
And when you add humidity,
you feel like you could die.

But in the Gulf you don’t just boil.
The tide’s complete with suntan oil.
Their heat wave’s laced with Coppertone
and beach balls made of tar.

It’s just July. Imagine that!
When dog days come, the August stats
could find us dreaming of some snow
and Christmases of white.

Let’s Give Our Thumbs a Hand
Celebrating an often-overlooked digit

Imagine life without your thumbs.
You couldn’t pick up coins or crumbs.
You couldn’t hitchhike easily
or sign the alphabet.

Those digits on our hands called thumbs
allow a cop to cock a gun.
Without them bowling would be hard.
We couldn’t get a grip.

You couldn’t button up your suit
or play the clarinet or flute.
You couldn’t even hold a key
to open your front door.

Jack Horner couldn’t pluck a plum
if he was missing both his thumbs.
And Thumbelina and Tom Thumb
would be unknown to all.

You couldn’t thumb your nose at life
or use chopsticks to pick up rice
You couldn’t say that you’re all thumbs
although that’s what you’d be.

Let’s give our thumbs a great big hand
and thank the Lord for what He planned
to give us freedoms dogs don’t have.
Let’s give God two thumbs up!