Possibility Thinking? Think Again!

There are cracks in the Crystal Cathedral

At the Crystal Cathedral
(that temple of glass),
there are panes (quite translucent)
revealing what’s crass.

Possibility thinking?
You kidding? Good God!
There’s godless behavior
between Bob and Bob.

Both Robert (the father)
and Robert (the son)
have quenched God the Spirit.
Their kingdom’s undone.

The palace of Schuller
is one royal mess.
It’s cracking and crumbling
and may I confess…

The Hour of Power’s
become Family Feud
with warring-like factions
un-Christlike and rude.

I’m worried about
how God’s Church is perceived
by those looking on
who (as yet) don’t believe.

What think they of Christians
and sermons on grace
when pastors who preach them
can’t love or embrace?

And so while there’s feuding
in churches of glass,
let’s pray they’ll hang curtains
as long as it lasts.

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