Yom Kippur Confessions

A Christian’s thoughts about a Jewish holiday;
America’s Got Talent! So Do You!

Yom Kippur Confessions
A Christian’s thoughts about a Jewish holiday

The Jews around the world are one
with prayers that they will be at-one
with Him who flung the stars in space
and breathed His breath in man.

To be at-one means no divide
between two parties side-by-side.
At-one-ment is a sign that peace
is not a prayer but fact.

At-one-ment was made possible
(not by a ram or goat or bull
but) by a spotless, sinless Lamb
that shed His blood for all.

At-one-ment on this holy day
means there is One who paved the way
by bridging sinful, selfish us
to a most holy God.

* Yom Kippur is the “Day of Atonement” celebrated by Jews the world over.

America’s Got Talent? So Do You!
So what do you do well?

The little girl with the grown-up voice
was not our nation’s final choice.
With gifts and poise beyond her years,
she fell a wee bit short.

Through Broadway tunes young Jackie showed
she knew success’s narrow road.
And though that journey yet awaits,
at ten she’s still a star.

When all the votes were finally in,
the winner was one Michael Grimm
who plans to share his million bucks
with kin down in the Gulf.

America’s Got Talent! True?
Aren’t you amazed at what folks do?
From opera singers dressed in drag
to pint-sized Fred Astaires.

And what’s that thing at which you’re good?
You need to share it. Yes, you should!
For when you do what you do well
both you and we find joy!

* Check out the amazing voice of Jackie Evancho (the runner-up of America’s Got Talent)