Facebook: The Original Version

The Bible is God’s attempt to “friend” us

It’s a book of faces (leatherbound)
in which I’ve looked and where I’ve found
profiles in courage, downcast eyes
and blemished skin like mine.

Adam’s wrinkled face is old
and Moses’ face is fierce and bold,
while David’s ruddy countenance
suggests a poet’s soul.

In Esther I see bravery.
In Ruth I see true loyalty.
But in poor Job’s revealing brow
I see the scars of pain.

The Virgin Mary has a glow
while Judas’ head is hanging low.
The way each person faces up
to truth is clearly seen.

In Peter, Paul and Timothy
each face reveals the likes of me…
afraid and flawed yet claiming faith
reflected in their eyes.

But most of all there is a face
in whom I see amazing grace.
His smile pictures haunting love
that seeks until it finds.

This Facebook finds God friending me
just as I am without one plea.
It’s bound to be the means by which
I recognize His face.