The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Practical suggestions for Pastor Appreciation Month

To be a pastor’s often hard
and while it’s nice to get a card
(expressing thanks for what we do)
would you consider these…?

Find ways to serve our church’s needs
or volunteer as one who leads
or give beyond a simple tithe
so all the bills are paid.

Quit shopping for another church.
You’re needed here. No need to search
in hopes of finding “Willow Creek.”
We are a family!

Pray daily for our kids and wife.
Like you, we deal with stress and strife
as well as envy, debt and doubt
that cloud our faith with fear.

Be quick to offer words of praise
for ones who serve you on Sundays;
the greeters, teachers, those who “ush”
and those who “baby watch.”

Be slow to gripe and criticize
the things some do you think unwise.
Give grace to those who fail “your test”
and take stock of your pride.

In all these ways your love’s expressed.
But, honestly, I must confess
we pastors love to get a note
within a Hallmark card.