Dancing with the Stars (and Stripes)

It’s boogie time with the ballot box;
The Him Behind the Hymn

Dancing with the Stars (and Stripes)
It’s time to boogie with the ballot box

The right to vote is freedom’s gift.
It gives us each the chance
to stand beneath the Stars and Stripes,
kick up our heels and dance.

To vote means leaning left or right,
then waltzing with our choice.
When we embrace what’s dear to us,
our values find a voice.

But tango-ing with campaign ads
leaves most of us worn out.
The dirty dance steps they employ
results in jaded doubt.

The rumba of election day
won’t come a day too soon.
I’m weary of the non-stop spin
each morning, night and noon

The Him Behind the Hymn
Remembering Martin Luther this Reformation Day

“A Mighty Fortress is Our God”
was Martin Luther’s hymn
that took aim at the sitting Pope
and at the Vatican.

That German monk expressed his views
about indulgences,
with pen and parchment nailed his point
to sparse and faint applause.

This lonely priest said, “Here I stand!
I can do nothing less.
I will not fleece my faithful flock
and charge when they confess.”

Ah yes, young Martin thumbed his nose
and turned his back on Rome.
Rejecting manmade “rules of God”
the seeds of faith were sown.

And so on Reformation Day
we thank God for a man
who stood up most courageously
with a hammer in his hand.

* October 31st is Reformation Sunday