Baristas are Bartenders Too?

Questioning Starbucks decision to serve beer and wine;
The Toughest Loss of All

Baristas are Bartenders Too
Questioning Starbucks decision to serve beer and wine

A grande white. A venti red.
Not Pike Place Roast, but wine instead.
The Starbucks that helps wake me up
can help me chill at night.

You may think I am full of beans.
But even though it seems extreme
crushed grapes and grain have found their way
into the mermaid’s cup.

Baristas are bartenders, too.
To caffeine add fermented brew.
St. Arbucks loves his beer and wine
as well as passion tea.

I’m still not quite sure what to think.
Should Starbucks mix its daily drinks?
In Cana water turned to wine.
I’m not sure coffee should.

The Toughest Loss of All
Remembering the Old Cub

The Cubbies lost a lot this year,
but this loss hurts the most.
Without Ron Santo in our lives
we’ve lost our claim to boast

that even when the Cubs don’t win
they never really lose
because of what that fellow says
who sits next to Pat Hughes.

That grownup who remained a kid
made every game worthwhile.
Ron’s candid groans and uncorked cheers
refreshed just like Old Style.

His raspy voice betrayed his love
for Wrigley’s field of dreams.
Ron’s Northside pride grew year by year
and nearly burst its seams.

He lost his legs, but found the will
to stand up brave and strong.
And every seventh inning stretch,
he still could sing the song.

Ron modeled persevering grace
in life and in the game.
He found the means to look beyond
a locked-up Hall of Fame.

We’ll miss the saint who played third base
who now has slid-in home.
“Cubs win!” thanks to Ron’s legacy.
His number stands alone.