How About “Thanksgiving Year?”

Because one day in November just isn’t enough;
The Promised Feast

How About “Thanksgiving Year?”
Because one day in November just isn’t enough

Thanksgiving Day is not enough.
We need a lot days more
to count our blessings in life’s game
and tabulate the score.

Perhaps we need Thanksgiving Year
to properly declare
our gratitude to God above
with folded hands and prayer.

Thanksgiving Year. That’s quite a thought.
A constant attitude.
A daily focus on God’s gifts
that call for gratitude.

But lest you think Thanksgiving Year
means turkey every day,
don’t get your giblets in a knot.
There is a better way.

Roast beef and chicken work just fine.
And sushi, pork and fish.
You can express your thanks to God
while eating what you wish.

And for dessert the same applies.
You don’t need pumpkin pie
to train your palette to say thanks
instead of griping “why?”?

A year-round feast of gratitude
is what our nation needs
to nourish our anemic faith
and starve us of our greed.

Thanksgiving Year would call to mind
how little we deserve.
How blessed we are in spite of faults
and ways we all can serve.

The Promised Feast
A contemporary look at an ancient prophecy

“I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the Lord of Hosts.
“I aim to make your life a feast
not cold chipped beef on toast.

“My plans are good (if given time).
Be patient, don’t despair!
The future that I have in mind
is way beyond compare.

“If you’ll take time to search for Me,
I promise you will find
my fingerprints and evidence
that prove My heart is kind.

“And while it’s true that sorrow
can camp outside your front door,
You need to know it will move on
for what I have in store.

“Do not believe the things some say
that rob your heart of hope.
The summit is well worth the climb
though steep may be its slope.

“What doubters dare to claim as true
will be exposed as lies.
Just cling to what I’ve promised you
much like a treasured prize.”

* poetic reflections based on Jeremiah 29:4-14