A Fitness Guru Remembered

A look back at Jack LaLanne’s legacy

He juiced his veggies, snacked on nuts,
he lifted weights and then
he plagued his body working out
so it would not plague him.

Ninety-six? He looked sixty
with biceps few can boast.
Was it genetics, carrot juice
or whole wheat seeded toast?

But now that Jack LaLanne is gone
the bottom line is clear.
Both exercise and diet count.
Those fit die healthier.

The fitness guru’s death recalls
the need for exercise.
But rock-hard buns and abs of steel
pale next to Heaven’s prize.

A daily workout in God’s Word
will build faith muscles fast.
For in the end a healthy soul’s
the only thing that lasts.
* My grandmother was a Jack LaLanne enthusiast fifty years ago. Whenever I would visit Nana Birkeland, I would join her doing “exercises with Jack” in front of the old black and white TV. She also blended vegetables into juice. I learned to drink “Carrot Annie” about the same time she introduced me to Postum.