Chicago’s All-Time Favorite Sport

The votes are in; Smart Phone Addiction

Chicago’s All-Time Favorite Sport
The votes are in

I know you’ve probably heard about
Chicago politics.
“Vote early and vote often!”
How ’bout Blago’s shady schtick?

Where Al Capone and Baby Face
once crimed their way to fame
a godfather-like atmosphere
still lingers in this place.

The Daley Show has run its course
and proved you can’t get rich
without some union on your side
or scratching someone’s itch..

The Windy City’s good old boys
aren’t known to kiss and tell.
Look how they tried to block the way
of Rahm Emanuel.

The Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks
pale when contrasted to
the game that’s played at City Hall
where old tricks still are new.

Smart Phone Addiction
Why the Blackberry is often called Crackberry

You’ve likely heard of Blackberries*
(a most addictive fruit).
It’s one of many smart phone brands
that leaves you un-astute.

You crave (and simply can’t ignore
the need) to send a text.
And then the e-mail signal “dings”
and you must read that next.

The Microsoft ads on TV
aren’t REALLY that absurd.
They underscore a sickness
that (to date) has no known cure.

A smart phone junkie feels withdrawls
when they eat, sleep or drive.
That unmet urge to stay in-touch
feels like they won’t survive.

Yes, I admit my iPhone apps
provide me with a high
to which I’ve grown accustomed and
without which I will die!

* Blackberry smart phones are so addictive, they are often nicknamed Crackberries.