Heaven’s Valentine

The heart of God revealed; This World is Your World

Heaven’s Valentine
The heart of God revealed

To those so loved, God gave His heart.
A homemade, hand-drawn kind.
It was the hallmark of His love.
‘Twas Heaven’s Valentine.

A heart of kindness, pure and sweet.
A tender heart of hope.
A heart that chooses last-ones-picked
who find it hard to cope.

A heart of mercy toward the wrong
that gives a second chance.
A heart that overlooks the proud,
but gives the weak a glance.

A heart that hurts with those who grieve
and aches for those abused.
A heart that welcomes everyone
society’s refused.

A heart delivered long ago
enveloped in our skin
assures a world so-loved by God
it can be freed from sin.

A heart that beat within the hay
and broke upon a cross
is Heaven’s priceless Valentine
God’s given each of us.

This World is Your World
New lyrics to an American folksong

We can be certain the Green Bay Packers
are celebrating up in Wisconsin.
Those cheesehead wedges are being worn with pride.
But in the world-at-large there’s pain.

We can’t be certain about the outcome
in Cairo, Egypt where outcries call for
Mubarak’s ouster and a new government.
Lord, help us know just how to pray.

But in the meantime in our fair cities
we can be grateful for God’s provisions,
for food and shelter, for peace within our land.
Lord, help us learn to be content.

* the above can be sung to the tune for “This Land is Your Land”