A Season for Starting Over

Spring training is a picture of grace; The Speed of Life

A Season for Starting Over
Spring training is a picture of grace

As mounds of snow begin to melt
some other mounds appear.
The spell of winter’s wearing off.
Spring Training’s finally here.

Though base paths still are mostly mud
and infield grass is brown,
I think that I can almost hear
those most amazing sounds…

The slap of leather, crack of bat
and feet stomps in the stands.
The vendors’ cries, the ump’s “yeer out!”
and cheering of the fans.

And though my team was bad last year
and finished up dead last,
with spring a new day dawns with hope.
Regrets are in the past.

And that is what the Bible says….
Grace offers brand new starts.
The old has passed. The new has come
with clean, forgiven hearts.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV)

The Speed of Life
We’re moving much too fast!

We’re moving at the speed of life.
There’s way too much to do.
Our mates have plans. The kids have needs.
Our aging parents, too.

Yes, multitasking finds us frayed
much like a stretched-out rope.
We juggle countless balls at once
except that one called “cope.”

Our President’s proof positive.
His salt-and-pepper hair
is case in point of how life’s speed
breeds wrinkles, stress and fear.

We go, go, go and go some more.
A death sentence for sure.
While nouns once punctuated life,
we’ve given way to verbs.

The speed of life is much too fast.
O, God, please slow us down.
Create some speed bumps in life’s road.
Replace our verbs with nouns.