Waiting for the Rising Sun

While trusting in God’s only Son

The ancient land of rising suns
still waits for dawn to finally come.
The nightmare of that afternoon
continues without end.

A quaking earth and monstrous waves
destroyed her dreams creating graves
for countless mothers, dads and kids
who died that dreadful day.

The cherry blossoms mask the fact
that everything is not in tact.
Whole villages have been destroyed
and hope’s been washed away.

Mt. Fuji silently looks on
and weeps to realize what’s gone.
Untapped potential, precious life,
the chance to say goodbye.

O God, give grace to these perplexed
who in their grief must face what’s next.
Please penetrate their broken hearts
with that which pride prevents.

Be known as One who freely gave
His only Son who came to save
a world destroyed by death and sin
and human suffering.